Newark Airport Parking

Parking in the Newark airport can be an issue to the un prepared travelers due to high numbers of passengers using the airport. New York Kennedy  International Airport and LaGuardia International Airport are among the busiest systems of the airport in the United States of America. These airport systems serve in the Metropolitan New York and are the second compared to the London airport system regarding the number of travelers handled annually. In the year 2009 and 2010, a maximum of approximately 36 million passengers traveled through the Newark Liberty airport. There is always available parking, but you have to pay to get the chance to park in the airport. Read more great facts on EZWay Parking, click here. 

There are over 20 000 parking vacancies in Newark Airport which is accessible to the passengers, the general public, and the workers. The number includes long term, short term, hourly parking that are within the environment of the airport and locations outside the airport. Parking in Newark Airport shouldn't be an issue, once you understand your options. The short term and the hourly parking options are present at parking lots A, B and C and for thirty minutes they cost 3 dollars, or for an hour they charge at 6 dollars. For those who prefer the daily option, it will cost you 33 dollars. For more useful reference regarding EZWay Parking, have a peek here.

This option is the greatest and convenient at the same time, this is because the lots are placed in the middle terminal, and if you are just picking or sending off somebody, you will not be at the airport for more than 1 hour. Three neighboring Newark Airport parking amenities offer daily rates for parking which are significantly lesser than the rates for short term parking. P1 and P3 are the lots for parking daily which cost 25 dollars. Parking daily at the garage in the airport selected as P4 is costly at 28 dollars. This option is good for people gone for more than one day. 

When going for longer journeys, the Newark Airport long term parking should be your decision. An example is when you are traveling for a vacation in England for a week; the airport will provide a long term parking lot called P6. In the airport, it is positioned at the northern side along Port St. The parking charges here are 18 dollars per day, which is very costly, specifically when you have planned to travel for more than one week. When you need to save on the expense of parking, your only option would be the garages and the off- airport lots which are private. Please view this site for further details.